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One of Asperbras’ activities is the production of energy from biomass from the UTE Ecoluz. Part of the recipe for sustainability and environmental concerns that guide the company’s business is to invest in energy produced from waste from the furniture and wood factories in the Guarapuava (PR) region that feeds, through energy compensation, the Greenplac industrial complex.

All of the plant’s energy is sold on the market, and the funds are used to purchase energy for the MDF plant in Mato Grosso do Sul. Thus, articulated to the self-sufficient industrial production system in energy terms, biomass energy helps Greenplac to make its processes even more sustainable, as its combustion returns to nature only the carbon that the eucalyptus used to grow.

In 2020, the Guarapuava Plant underwent a process of modernization and overhaul of machinery, which will enable the reduction of biomass consumption in electricity generation, making production more sustainable, and allowing the plant to reach its full nominal production capacity of 12.3 megawatts per hour upon return from activities.

In recent months, the complex has gone through all the necessary tests so that it can then go back to business. Production is expected to resume during the first half of 2021.

Energy Capacity

The industrial unit processes eucalyptus, pine and wood chips from industries located in the region of Guarapuava, south-central Paraná.

Unused residues from furniture factories and local forests, such as branches, roots, thin logs and tree tops, will be used as firewood to fuel the plant’s boilers, which have the capacity to generate 10 MW of electricity.


Rod. PR 466 – Km 05 – Estrada Francisco Colnaghi Primavera
Guarapuava / PR
ZIP: 85050-290
Phone: +55 (42) 3624-0946
Phone: +55 (42) 3624-3775

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