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The Beginning

Asperbras began its history with the talent and perseverance of Francisco Colnaghi who, in 1966, by founding an agricultural implement company in Penápolis, a city in the countryside of São Paulo, gave the start to the development of a business group based on a commitment to quality, full-time dedication and responsibility in providing services.



Asperbras Tubes and Connections National Recognition

In 1985, Asperbras was already recognized throughout Brazil with the strategy of investing in the manufacture of PVC pipes and connections for agricultural irrigation, and from there to today, it has become one of the most important Brazilian business groups.


Abitte Urbanismo

Abitte Urbanismo has been operating in the area of ​​real estate projects for 29 years. Over the past 15 years, it has invested heavily in the development and construction of residential and commercial buildings, in addition to medium and high-end subdivisions.


Asperbras Energia

One of Asperbras’ activities is the production of energy from biomass from the UTE Ecoluz. Part of the recipe for sustainability and environmental concerns that guide the company’s business is to invest in energy produced from waste from the furniture and wood factories in the Guarapuava (PR) region that feeds, through energy compensation, the Greenplac industrial complex.


Asperbras Rotomoldagem

Asperbras Rotomoldagem started its activities in the Rotomolding sector in Penápolis, in the countryside of São Paulo, in 2002, with the production of several products whose raw material is polyethylene. Its strong performance is especially in the sanitation and agricultural sectors.


Asperbras Bonolat

Bonolat operates in the food segment with the same responsibility, concern with the quality and safety of all its products.

The commitment is to produce and sell dairy products and guarantee the consumer total quality, transparency in relationships, respect for the consumer, the environment and society.



Greenplac started its activities in 2018, producing certified wood panels, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Installed in the municipality of Água Clara, in Mato Grosso do Sul, it is currently among major players in the segment.

Considered an industrial complex, GreenPlac has three manufacturing plants in the same location: the MDF industry and two other production units for materials used in the manufacture of MDF.




Today, Asperbras maintains its structures and independent national brands, operating in important segments of Brazil.
There are thousands of professionals working in the areas of sanitation, irrigation, enterprises, production of certified eucalyptus MDF, food and clean energy generation.

Asperbras in Brazil

Asperbras Brasil

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