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Abitte Urbanismo is a company that is part of Asperbras, recognized for its capacity to build and develop with diversification, safety and solidity in twelve different segments. It has been working in the real estate business for 28 years. Over the past 12 years, it has invested heavily in the development and construction of residential and commercial buildings, in addition to medium and high-end subdivisions.

In 2020, the company delivered the Adisa Birigui I residential condominium, in the countryside of São Paulo. With about 147 thousand m² and 460 lots, this condominium offers the most different living spaces, both for leisure and for work.

In addition to this great undertaking, also launched Quinta do Ipê Residencial Parque, in Araçatuba (SP), this is a closed subdivision, delivered complete and located in the highest region of the city. The lots are from 300 m² and also close to the noble condominium areas, you will have easy access. In addition to the excellent location and proximity to hospitals, schools and universities, Quinta do Ipê will feature great differentials such as air-conditioned environments equipped with Wi-Fi, many leisure options such as forests with native trees and a ballroom with a gourmet space.

In 2021, Abitte Urbanismo dedicated itself to an unprecedented project in its portfolio: Vinhedos, the first planned neighborhood in the Santa Rosa region in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso. Next to a nature reserve with more than 2,600,000 m² of green area and close to sophisticated commerce, Bairro Vinhedos offers innovation, modernity, sustainability, but, above all, security.

  This is because the enterprise has Smart City, a system that allows for a safe environment, as it uses technology to combat violence and promote well-being. At the Vineyards, state-of-the-art devices will also be made available to residents, which will help with surveillance and make it possible to observe the movement in the surroundings.

  All this will be done using real-time surveillance cameras 24 hours a day, and the images generated will be sent to the Integrated Center for Public Security Operations (CIOSP), a system of the State Secretariat for Public Security of Mato Grosso.

For the next five years, the company prospects for new investment areas and is preparing to expand its business in the country. Among launches of new urban subdivisions and residential condominiums, Abitte Urbanismo should surpass the mark of 5,000 units built and delivered. The aim is to urbanize spaces by offering high quality condominiums and residential and commercial buildings, built with respect and responsibility.


Abitte Urbanismo
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