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Social Environment Responsibilitiy

The world evolves at every moment and the respect and equilibrium are fundamental to the progress and development of businesses. For that, Asperbras also has a commitment to the environment.



Since its foundation, Asperbras has performed one of its most important callings, caring for people. This is being done for decades, through high-quality programs such as the Nelly Jorge Colnaghi Foundation, which focuses on social and child education development.

Nowadays, 230 children, from 4 months to 5 years old, are looked after full time, given food and taught to read and write, practice ballet, learn English and do judo. Not just the children, the whole family has access to dental care, physiotherapy and social and psychological care. Asperbras Group also supports the Cancer Hospital in Barretos, which is an international benchmark for the treatment of the disease, and acquired new, modern equipment and drugs, and established partnerships to put on events that maintain the important medical unit.

These are just some of the socioenvironmental responsibility programs developed or supported by Asperbras Group, that applies this same social and ecological consciousness to all its activities. Asperbras has been contributing since 1986 to the Flora Tietê program, an NGO created with the aim of revitalizing deforested areas suffering from ecological imbalance and supporting rural farmers who need technical help with reforestation.



Since 1999, Asperbras develops an important social and educational project in Penápolis, located in São Paulo. The Nelly Jorge Colnaghi Foundation serves 230 children aged 4 months old to 5 years old. Its focus is the integral development of children in their activities, that occur at full time and are run by professionals and a multidisciplinary team. The activities include meal plans, alphabetizing classes, ballet, English and judo. Not only the students have access to such benefits, but their whole family have odontologic and physiotherapeutic services as well as social and physiological assistance. The foundation is proud to contribute to the individual formation by providing them with education, hygiene, health, respect and family values.

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Asperbras also supports reforestation projects with the objective of rescuing the environment and contributing to the sustainable development of the planet. Since 1986, Asperbras has been contributing to the Flora Tietê program; a NGO that revives deforested areas suffering from ecological disequilibrium. They also support rural workers in need for technical assistance for reforestation.

if you want to know more about Flora Tietê, click here.


Rua Nelly Jorge Colnaghi, 730
Vila Santa Cecília – Penápolis / SP

ZIP: 16300-000
Phone: +55 (18) 3654-7000

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